Why do black names bother people so much? What about lets say… Indian names(people from India), that are so hard for Americans to pronounce. I worked at a call center. I encounter so many different names. People don’t really come here and change their names. And there are plenty that give those names to their American born children. I don’t see anybody talking about other races names sounding horrible, not Hispanic’s or Asians.

What is so wrong with black names?
Why are only the names in black communities looked at as stupid or ignorant? But to other races it’s OK.
What harm can a “stupid” sounding name do to you? Why even care enough to view it that way, it’s just a name. America is a mixture of races so what’s the big deal? It’s just a name and has nothing to do with the persons qualifications.

To those that agree with Ghostwolf (which I’m sure there are plenty), please explain to me why things blacks do that are different from whites looked at as stupid, dumb, ignorant, etc if it doesn’t NEGATIVELY effective you in anyway? Like the names or I see a lot of really negative comments about the hair. Blacks only do that to fit in because you don’t like the natural hair. So why all the hate really I don’t understand
how can you hate something just because it’s different than you. Yes I’m young and I don’t get the older perspective on how certain people are viewed. If they’re not killing, stealing, or hurting you in a negative way why be so mean and racist?